Cleaning fences is not as common as cleaning the inside of your house. It is a one-time job that you plan for and requires the right equipment. Fences are exposed to environmental elements throughout and risk suffering damage. Additionally, they have years of trapped dirt, depending on how often you wash them. Accumulated dirt changes the appearance of the fence hence the need for pressure cleaning. Fences are of different materials. However, most are made of wood or vinyl. So, we talk about pressure washing them below.

Steps to pressure wash your fence

Before the actual process, you need to prepare everything that’s required. You need the right tools and detergent. Pick the best pressure washer and nozzle for attachment. The correct nozzle allows a good amount of pressurized water to flow out. The wrong sized nozzle can cause damage to the fence or not clean as desired. Afterward, prep the fence by removing any loose debris. Cover any plants or objects around the fence to prevent water soaking or damage from the detergent. Position the pressure washer in a good spot, ready for use.

1. Spray a cleaner on the fence

It is the next step after the preparation step. As mentioned above, some people cover their plants to protect them. But no need to worry if you can’t do this. Some plants are too big, or you have nothing to cover them. In this case, spray the plants and soil with water before applying the cleaner. The water forms a barrier between the plants and detergents. So, it causes runoff instead of soaking through the soil.

Once done, fill up your pressure washer with detergent. Spraying fences with soap is different from surfaces like patios. The possibility of streaking on the fence is high. Therefore, spray the soap from the bottom up. Again, fill the entire fencing with soap as one side will harden as you clean the other making the job harder. Start with one section, spray the detergent and let it sit for 10 minutes. Let it soak into the stains before water spraying.

2. Pressure washing of the fence

This is where the actual pressure washing begins. You may have used the pressure cleaner machine to spray the soap. But this is where the water comes in. After letting the detergent sit for some time, spray it off with water. If the stain doesn’t come out, attach a rotating brush to the wand to scrub it off. Keep working in sections by applying soap on one as you rinse and scrub the other. Remember, rinsing should be in the opposite direction from soap application. Do it from the top down for a clean wash. After washing every section, allow the fence to dry. If you plan to add paint, wait at least 48 hours till it’s completely dry.

Final words

Follow the guide above to give your fence the perfect wash. Good preparations allow you to work efficiently with no problems. Use a good pressure washer machine, a proper nozzle, safe detergent, and correct pressure levels. Using the ideal pressure prevents surface destruction or poor cleaning. Apply soap from bottom-up and rinse from top to bottom to avoid streaks.


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