As much as we may want an instrument or device to last forever or how well we maintain these devices, the undeniable fact remains that they will get damaged or develop a fault. The same thing goes with our smartwatches. Honor smartwatch users use this device every day for various reasons; exercise, medication reminders, sleep improvement, etc. They never seem to take it off except when they want to charge it. This high level of usage makes your smartwatch more susceptible to damage. Therefore, in this article, we will be looking at some of these faults and what to do if they occur while using our smartwatches

Common Faults & Repairs of Honor Smartwatches

  • Loss Of Recorded Activity Data: The primary use of honor smartwatches is to store data. This data is what most people use to encourage themselves every day to show up for exercise or to take drugs. However, in preparation for cases whereby all this important data suddenly vanishes, you must cultivate the habit of always backing up your data either to your main smartphone or to the cloud. This allows you to send back this data to your watch if it gets locked.
  • Vanishing Of Already Installed Apps: Sometimes, while using your smartwatch, some apps you have previously installed just don’t seem to work anymore, while some just clear off. Sometimes, this can be so annoying because you have made many notable achievements. However, you can simply try switching off your watch and on again. You could also try reinstalling those apps again to see whether it would jumpstart back.
  • Bad Connection: It happens when your smartwatch and phone do not connect to each other, probably because the Bluetooth glitched. To solve this issue, you can start by putting both your smartwatch and phone very close to each other. If this doesn’t work, you can go ahead to switch off both devices totally, and then after a while, you switch them on again and try to reconnect them.
  • Missing Notifications: This sometimes happens when important notifications cease to appear on your smartwatch. The major cause of this is if your smartwatch software gets corrupted in the way of either viruses or just software damage.

Sometimes all you need to do to resolve this issue is go to the settings app and then press” reset” or “format”. Even though this might erase all the data on your smartwatch, it flushes out the virus and allows us to receive notifications now.

  • Battery Issues: Due to the heavy use of the smartwatch, the smartwatch’s battery drains within a very short time, causing the user always to charge it. This reduces the lifespan of your watch. The battery problem of smartphones affects itself and the smartphone it syncs with, thereby reducing the smartphone’s lifespan. To resolve this issue, the first thing to do is disable all unnecessary apps to conserve your smartwatch’s battery life. It would be best to consider purchasing an honor smartwatch with a good battery capacity. For example, honor 6 lasts for about ten days of heavy usage per charge. You could also get battery-extending devices like a power bank etc.


Smartwatches are important devices to have to conveniently live in the world we are in today. Therefore, we should try as much as possible to ensure we buy the right one for ourselves and take care of it well. However, even though we try hard to maintain them, eventually, they will develop faults. That’s why we have discussed some of these faults and how to tackle them. Hope the above ways will help you tackle the faults of your smartwatch.


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